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Everyday sustainability in a throw away society 

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Biome Zero Waste Haul

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Biome tops the list as my favourite Zero Waste Brisbane store, providing you with eco-friendly alternatives for everything from reusable coffee cups to clothes pegs. Definitely worth checking out, I could easily spend hours exploring their shelves of extensive products.

In the initial stages of my Zero Waste journey, Biome was the only Zero Waste dedicated store in Brisbane and therefore a must visit to investigate further into the topic. On my first trip into the store I was so immersed in the wonder of reusable products that I spent over an hour carefully examining each product on offer. It had seemed like a whole new world had opened up and I was eager to explore. I had a million and one questions and the Biome girls were more than happy to welcome me into their world.

After purchasing my first stainless steel lunch box I was hooked. Biome become my go-to Zero Waste store for all my package free needs and has been a staple during my Zero Waste journey. Fast forward 2 years with my Zero Waste journey in full swing and I still pop into one of Biome’s store every now and again to see what’s new.

With the opening of a new Biome store in Indooroopilly (Brisbane) an invitation came my way to visit the store with a spending voucher to use however I pleased. Being a die-hard Biome fan I jumped at the chance, because who doesn’t love free stuff, especially when it comes to good quality ecofriendly products?

Seeing as I had completed my Zero Waste collection for the time being, I decided to buy some Zero Waste gifts that would significantly reduce your plastic consumption.

onya reusable produce bags zero waste biome brisbane

These were one of my earliest buys to reduce plastic bags when buying fruit and veggies at the farmers markets. They are made out of recycled plastic water bottles, so not only do you save a plastic bag when you shop but a couple plastic water bottles from the ocean too. A handy carabiner is attached to the carry pouch to keep them on your keys, handbag or with your reusable

carry bags.

Zero waste Bamboo toothbrushes biome brisbane

Just think every one of your toothbrushes you’ve used in your life is still out there in landfill today. A bamboo toothbrush is just as good as a plastic one but it decreases your impact on the earth significantly. It’s such an easy swap and I think they look nicer too.

Keepcup Zero Waste Biome brisbane

I’ve got a friend who whenever we meet up for breakfast she orders a large latte in a takeaway cup as she never finishes it all and takes it on her way. So this KeepCup is for her. Disposable coffee cups are not recyclable due to the plastic lining thus destining them to landfill. Remembering to bring along your KeepCup for your daily coffee not only decreases landfill but may also save you some pocket change, as some businesses offer a discount to those bringing in their own cups. It’s a win-win!

If you’re looking for some reusable products to greenify your life check out one of Biome store’s various locations around Brisbane, I might see you there!

*Disclaimer: I have individually chosen the products reviewed and the views and opinions expressed in this article are based on personal experience. Affiliate links have been used which earn me a small commission if you buy through the link at no additional cost to you. If you feel like this post has helped you and if you want to support this site, please consider making your purchase through these links. Thank you!

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