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15 Zero Waste Valentines Day Ideas

Valentines Day is about showing your loved ones how much they mean to you, so why not show the earth some love too by making it a Zero Waste Valentines Day.

zero waste valentines day
| Zero Waste Valentines Day treats |

  1. Bake: Nobody can resist a sweet treat especially home made ones! Buy your ingredients in bulk and get creative by using beetroot as red food colouring, cutting out heart shapes or simply dusting on some icing sugar using a newspaper stencil.

  2. Experiences over things: Skip the tacky teddy bears and buy a present you both can enjoy together such as a cooking class, dancing lessons or museum/movie tickets just to name a few.

  3. Home Cooked Meal: If you don't cook often this is a nice way to let the cook have a night off and show off your skills (or at least try to anyway). Check out some Zero Waste recipes to give a go on the night.

  4. Get Down and Dirty: Sometimes the simple act of doing the chores so your loved one comes home to a clean house is all it takes to show them you care enough to put in the effort.

  5. DIY Spa: Sure you could buy a spa voucher for them too but you could also fill the bath, light a few candles and throw in a Zero Waste face mask too.

  6. Relationship Vouchers: This one is cheesy but you can make your own relationship vouchers which can include a giving your significant other a massage, doing the chores, letting them pick the takeout and whatever else you can come up with.

  7. Stay In and Chill: Nothing is better than taking the night off and chilling at home with Zero Waste takeout (take your own containers to be filled), some bulk sweets and a movie.

  8. Bulk Sweets: Fill your jars to your heart's content with bulk chocolates and lollies from your closest Zero Waste store.

  9. DIY card: Get creative and make your own Zero Waste Valentines Day card from recycled paper and card. The effort will be more appreciated than a store bought one!

  10. Going Out: If you've decided to head out for dinner choose a restaurant which uses reusable cutlery and plates instead of single use plastics (it will feel fancier too!).

  11. Give the Gift of Time: Put down your phone and simply spend some quality time with your loved ones. Just be present in the moment and enjoy each other's company.

  12. Zero Waste Picnic: Pack a picnic filled with Zero Waste goodies along with reusable cutlery, plates and napkins. Why not hike together to a beautiful location to make a day out of it.

  13. Breakfast in Bed: Wake up your loved one to smell of delicious Zero Waste pancakes in bed for a special treat. If you're feeling fancy, spice it up by making love hearts on your pancakes with chocolate chips or blueberries!

  14. Zero Waste Gifts: If you are still looking for the perfect Zero Waste Valentines Day present check out Biome stores for all things Zero Waste.

  15. Flowers: Instead of buying cut flowers which will wilt in a matter of days, opt for a living plant which will grow as your love does for each other. If you do have your heart set on flowers choose Australian natives wrapped in paper which can be dried and kept as decoration.


How are you spreading the love this Zero Waste Valentines Day?

Let me know in the comments below!

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