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Everyday sustainability in a throw away society 

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Zero Waste Australia Day

Celebrate your Aussie pride this year with a Zero Waste Australia day, complete with waste free Aussie traditions for food and drinks, outfits, decorations and activities!

zero waste australia day
| Celebrate a Zero Waste Australia Day with home baked treats! |

Zero Waste Food

  • Grab your groceries package free by taking your own containers/bags to the butchers for BBQ meats, bakery for bread and your local markets for fruit and veg

  • Bake your own lamingtons and pavlova

  • Prepare a fruit plate for a healthy option

  • Use reusable cutlery, plates and napkins

Zero Waste Decorations

  • String up some thongs for a unique and reusable option

  • Green/yellow or blue/red/white napkins and tablecloth

  • Australian native flowers

Zero Waste Australia Day Outfit

  • The classic Australia Day attire is some swimwear worn under a singlet and shorts, paired with a pair of thongs.

  • To complete your outfit throw on a widebrimed straw hat

  • Instead of buying fluro green and yellow zinc you’ll never wear again, simply use some zinc or sunscreen you have already and paint a thick line on each cheek.

Zero Waste Drinks

  • If you can’t source yourself a keg of beer, make sure you’re recycling cans and bottles at the end of the day

  • Use real glasses or reusable plastic cups if you’re worried that it’s going to get rowdy

  • Hand out reusable straws

  • Fill your esky with frozen reusable water bottles or ice blocks, which will last all day instead of packaged servo ice

Zero Waste Australia Day Activities

  • Cool off by spending your Australia Day by the pool or on the beach

  • Listen to the Top 100 on Triple J radio

  • Play cricket with real equipment instead of the plastic sets

  • Drinking card games

Attending A Not So Zero Waste Australia Day Party

Heading to a mate's Australia Day party? A Zero Waste essential is a reusable cup or bringing recyclable cans/bottles of alcohol. This reusable cup here is insulated and is perfect for keeping your drink cold all day. In regards to food, bring along your own container (handy to take home leftovers) and reusable cutlery or simply ask for a reusable option from your host and clean them when you are done.


Do you have any other Zero Waste Australia Day ideas?

Let me know in the comments below!

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