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DIY Zero Waste Dry Shampoo

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

In a rush to get out the door or too lazy to drag yourself out of bed that little bit earlier to wash your hair (haven't we all been there)? Or are you going through the horrible 'No-poo' transition phase? Save your hair and money from buying hoards of commercial dry shampoo and make your own DIY Zero Waste dry shampoo with ingredients right out of your pantry.

This Zero Waste DIY is so simple there's no excuse not to whip it up right now with only 2/3 ingredients.

Cornstarch / arrowroot powder possess oil absorbing properties and the cocoa powder darkens the mixture to help it blend in with darker hair tones. If you have lighter hair you can skip mixing through the cocoa powder.

Essential oils which are beneficial for hair application include peppermint (stimulates the sculpt and assists in treating dandruff), lavender (antimicrobial properties, soothes the sculpt and treats dry hair) and rosemary (promotes hair growth and healing).

Dry Shampoo Ingredients

  • cornstarch / arrowroot powder

  • cocoa powder

  • essential oil (optional)

Dry Shampoo Instructions

For Light Hair

  • Mix cornstarch / arrowroot powder with a couple drops of essential oil (a little goes a long way)

For Dark Hair

  • Mix cornstarch / arrowroot with cocoa powder until you have a dark enough colour to your liking

  • Add couple drops of essential oil (a little goes a long way) and mix thoroughly

Storage and Application

Store your DIY Zero Waste dry shampoo in an airtight container. Apply with an old makeup brush or use an old salt and pepper shaker.

Extra Tips

If you don't have cocoa powder you can still use plain cornstarch / arrowroot powder on darker hair, however apply the night before or at least a couple hours before heading out on the town. This allows time for the oils to be absorbed.

Also if you still have some store bought dry shampoo laying around, make sure you use it all up before throwing it into the recycling.

Do you have any Zero Waste tips and tricks for dealing with dirty hair?

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