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Zero Waste Milk hot off the press (literally!)

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Zero waste milk is hard to come by in Brisbane, but today I picked up some warm freshly bottled milk in a returnable glass bottle.

Being a tea addict (taken with a dash of milk, no sugar thanks) I need milk in my household. Before my Zero Waste journey began, bottles upon bottles of empty plastic milk cartons were thrown out, into the recycling bin of course. But we all know now that recycling is just a band aid in the War on Waste (See my earlier post What is Zero Waste? For more info)

Starting my Litterless Living journey I made the Zero Waste swap from plastic milk bottles to milk bottled in glass. This was a great Zero Waste alternative as I swear it tasted better and the empty bottles were useful for storing many of my bulk goods. However there’s only so many glass bottles you can accumulate!

I heard a tip from a Fellow zero Waster that there was a hidden little gem in Brisbane where you could return your used milk bottles. I traveled the 8 minutes down to Casa Motta, an artisan cheeserie and espresso bar, tucked away within some industrial estate. Walking up to the store front, it was a feast for (a Zero Waster’s) sore eyes! You could see straight into the factory where they were bottling fresh milk into… You guessed it, glass bottles!

The owner Alessandro Motta didn’t hesitate to welcome me and answered all my questions, explaining the bottling process and all about the different types of buffalo cheeses they make. He was even a good sport and let me take his photo! Along with the 1 litre of Kenilworth dairy milk, I picked up some handcrafted buffalo cheese, which came in returnable plastic tubs (I wasn’t prepared with a jar on hand unfortunately). Nonetheless, Alessandro is currently looking at ordering glass jars for his cheese and yogurt range as well.

Alessandro Motta, Owner of Casa Motta

It’s fantastic to see local businesses aiming to achieve sustainable practices and right in my hometown of Brisbane. Australia. Hopefully you guys will be able to make it down to Casa Motta and check them out, otherwise 4Real Milk supplies glass bottled milk to IGAs around Australia.

Have you managed to find Zero Waste milk in your area?

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