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Zero Waste Hair Removal - Safety Razor and Laser Hair Removal

Gone are the days of buying bulk plastic razors on special here at Litterless Living, I haven’t bought a razor in over a year and a half! Yes, you read that right and I won’t have to buy a new safety razor ever again thanks to going Zero Waste.

Safety Razor Zero waste hair removal

Ladies unless you’re growing your body hair in protest, we are all going to deal with hair removal in one way or another. There are a couple Zero Waste options which not only eliminate the need to produce trash but also saves you money in the long run.

Safety Razors

Switching to using a safety razor has been one of my favourite Zero Waste swaps. A safety razor is made 100% plastic free and new blades come in a little cardboard box which can be recycled. It sits nicely in your hand with its metal weight and opens up beautifully with its butterfly wings to accept a new blade. I don’t know about you but I definitely feel fancy using my safety razor!

Once you buy your first safety razor you won’t have to buy another ever again if you look after it. Normally a new one will come in a set with a couple of blades to start with and you’ll only have to replace the blades. After that you’ll just have to get some new blades which cost next to nothing compared to what you were spending on disposable razors!

Is a safety razor safe?

I too was nervous using a safety razor for the first time. Who wouldn’t be! Going slow and steady on my legs to begin with, I now use my safety razor on all my bits with no issue whatsoever. Just please be careful when handling your blades.

How do you use a safety razor?

Let the safety razor guide you, you don’t need to apply much pressure as the weight of the head does the work. The angle normally recommended is about 30 degrees but find what’s right for you. Start with light short strokes and don’t forget to use a shave soap bar for lubrication.

Where do I buy a safety razor?

Take a wonder into your local shaving shop or men’s barber, they are sure to have at least one safety razor to choose from plus some spare blades too. You can also get them online here.

Blade disposal

Place all your used blades into a secured container, such as an old prescription pill bottle which is clearly labelled. Once full, you can drop it off at your local scrap metal recycling center. Do not throw them into your regular recycling as they are hazards to the staff sorting the materials. Buy some new safety razor blades here.

Safety Razor Care

To ensure your safety razor lasts you a lifetime, you need to look after it. All it takes is a rinse of the blade and handle then leave them out to dry completely before packing them away separately. Leaving your safety razor wet may cause it to rust.

Travelling with a safety razor

Packing your safety razor into your check-in bag is the best way to ensure your razor and its blades make their way to your destination. However if travelling with only carry-on, you can either leave your blade at home and look for one at one you arrive, or pack everything and be open with the airport security staff. The worst thing they can do is remove your blade but they shouldn’t confiscate your razor.

Laser Hair Removal

To be honest I was hesitant to have laser hair removal but now that I’ve done it, I couldn’t be happier! It means less time in the bathroom, less money spent on hair removal products and less stress about razer burn and ingrown hairs. Not to mention that the only waste produced is for hygienic reasons and once completed maintenance can be done with a safety razor.

How does it work?

Essentially a laser will direct concentrated light into your hair follicles to inhibit their ability to grow without damaging your skin. Before your appointment you’ll need to shave within 24 hours and avoid exposing the area to direct sunlight after.

Does it hurt?

I’m not going to lie, it hurts like nothing else on your lady bits but it does get easier. Just imagine a rubber band being flicked against you repeatedly. It depends on the area you’re getting treated and your tolerance I guess.

Is it expensive?

Yes. However laser hair removal clinics ALWAYS have sales, just be patient and wait for the right one to come along. Package deals are also the way to go if you wanted to save some money. On completion of your treatments you’ll only need some maintenance once in a while to be hair free then you won’t need to worry about it again!

Well… Until you get pregnant as those hormones will mess with your body’s hair production, sorry ladies.

Other Zero Waste Methods

I have heard of sugar waxing but I’ve never given it a go myself. A mixture of sugar and honey is used along with newspaper or cloth strips. Let me know if you’ve given it a go, I would love to hear your experiences.

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