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L I T T E R L E S S   L I V I N G 

Everyday sustainability in a throw away society 

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Zero Waste Skin Care

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Purging your bathroom cabinet in favour of more Zero Waste skin care methods not only reduces waste but also eliminates unnecessary toxic substances.

Zero waste skin care
| Zero Waste Skin Care : Getting down and dirty with some clay |

Now don’t get me wrong, we want to clear out all those products sitting untouched at the back of the cabinet but we also want to use up what we can, to save it all from going to waste. Which is exactly what we don’t want, so whether you use it up yourself or palm off some stuff, you can slowly replace with more sustainable options.

Getting rid of all those excess products may take some time but you can then simplify your skin care routine to just the essentials. Supplementing with more natural and less packaged products.

Zero Waste skin care uses simple natural products which commonly come packaged in recyclable glass or can be found in bulk stores. Check out Brisbane Zero Waste resources for my favourite locations to buy my bulk beauty goods.

Zero Waste skin Care
| Zero Waste Skin Care: Say goodbye to disposable cotton rounds, harsh makeup remover wipes |

My Daily Zero Waste Face Routine

I personally have dry and sensitive skin which made finding products which worked for me a challenge. Even switching to more natural cleansing bars didn’t help unless I slathered my face with copious amounts of creams after.

However, since discovering Zero Waste in all its simplicity, I have finally found a simple method to cleanse my sensitive skin without over drying it. All I use is a reusable ‘face scrubbie’, essentially a bit of material to wet and scrub my face with. These can be crocheted, made yourself with an old towel or bought here.

Facial oils work a treat for hydration and their anti-aging properties. There are a few to choose from but I particularly like rosehip oil, which is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving you looking oily.

  1. Wash with water and cleanse with a face scrubbie

  2. Apply rosehip oil

To avoid drying out my skin I will only cleanse my face at night with my face scrubbie to wash away the day’s grime and just rinse my face with water in the morning before applying rosehip oil.

Zero Waste Pimple Treatment

Tea tree oil contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties which hit those pesky pimples right on their head. Simply dab a little on your problem areas before bed.

Essential oils are commonly found packaged in glass and you can get your own tea tree oil here.

Zero Waste Face Masks

Natural clay has many beauty benefits and there is a variety to suit any skin type. Simply pick a clay and mix with a little water to form a paste before applying to a wet face. Leave to dry and remove with a wet face scrubbie for some light exfoliation.

Facial clays can be found at health stores and in bulk at Biome.

Zero Waste Makeup Remover

I rarely wear a full face of makeup but when I do I remove it by using a face scrubbie and a little bit of coconut oil (packaged in glass with a metal lid). Once used I simply throw my face scrubbies into the wash.


Have you found a Zero Waste skin care routine which works for you?

I would love to hear them in the comments below!

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